Jumaat, 9 Disember 2011

Jangan Tekan, nanti korang akan terkejut.

Saje je buat tajuk seperti di atas. hee

Apapun, post kali ni, nak ceritakan sedikit pasal kem terendak...
apa tu, ?

Terletak di selat melaka, memang cantik kemnya. siap ada MRSM kem Terendak lagi,
jadi ana berpeluang ke sana sebab bapa saudara ana jadi mejar kat sana. Sebut je nama dia, kot2 sume org kat sana kenal.

source : wikipedia.

Kem Terendak, the newest and most modern camp in the Federation of Malaysia, is located on the West Coast some thirteen miles north of Malacca on the Malacca-Masjid Tanah Road.
The camp was built during 1957-1959 and was sited at Malacca in order to assist the economy of the state. It was a Commonwealth venture designed to house the 28th Commonwealth Infantry Brigade on their move from North Malaysia in 1959-1960. Funds were provided by the governments of Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand on a percentage basis.
The first units of 28th Commonwealth Infantry Brigade moved into Terendak Camp in late 1959 and by mid-1960 the camp was fully occupied, although building carried on until 1964 when the hospital was completed.[1]
28th Commonwealth Infantry Brigade, as it became known, were actively engaged in Borneo during the period of confrontation with Indonesia from 1963 until 1966. After actively serving in the Korean war 1954, the Brigade was reformed on 16 September 1955 in Malaya, formed from a combination of forces from Australia, New Zealand and Britain. The formation was now air portable and named the 28th Commonwealth Infantry Brigade Group. The Brigade's operational role was as the 'Immediate Reaction Force' for SEATO. On 31 October 1971 the Brigade ceased to exist. However, its demise was painless and involved a mere change of name and location. On 1 November 1971 the Brigade became 28 ANZUK Infantry Brigade and was located on the northern side of Singapore Island.

apapun, tahniah buat emak saudaraku, nurul huda yang baru saje berkahwin.
credits to you. Barakillah.

apa yg korang feel ?

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