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Saat MARA mencemaskan. :D

Bismillah, meh sini adik Kakak satt. Dengaq cite. Tajuknya Saat mencemaskan. Hui2. Dah berakhir pun. :-).

Alhamdulillah kenyang perut minum air buah pior kat kuala terengganu. Eh ? Apa yg mencemaskan ni ? Huh. Kammon. Straight to the point. Yeah !

Mcm mane boleh smpai kuala terengganu ? Umah kan kat kemaman. Sabar2 ! (best tengok korang bace post ni smbil mengetap bibir kegeraman) heh.

Macam ni ceritanya,....

***** AMARAN *****
- Post ini bukan tips temuduga melainkan hanya sekadar perkongsian temuduga. Harap Maklum Terima Kasih.

"New notifications appeared on my phone screen. It was izzat, he always message me if anything happened in this world." Wahaha.

Did you got MARA ?, he asked me oftenly. Hee. Really I don't know yet, I answered honestly.

I was on my way to KL that time, last tuesday after taking my new passport at Kuantan.
I determined to check my MARA result at that time. Fortunately, my father was a subscriber of celcom broadband on phone. The line was very slow. No wonder many had said that mara's website was the 'lembabest' website ever. Hrrrggghh. So, be patience okay. Ok. Foine.

Alhamdulillah, I got MARA's interview at MRSM KUALA TERENGGANU. 3.00 pm Friday, 11 may 2012. LN0102, medic ireland. Panel 4. OMG ! It's friday. Hmm. Thus, I have to be rushing. Heeh.
Wednesday nite, I arrived home safe and soundly. It was about 9.00 o'clock. I have no idea other than sleep. Sleep soundly. Weee.

Thursday, I don't have clues what to do. Still tired coming back from KL. Err, what I had done eh this day ? Hmm. Forget it...

Friday morning, as if ideas came like a bullet. I unconciously did researched a lot about MARA. About the ways of interview and about anything related to MARA, their objectives, missions, visions, history etc. I printed all of it. Decided to read all of it in my car.
We started our journey by 8.45 morning. Actually, I had bought some new formal uniform. Unfortunately, it's so strange when the errr, 'waiter of the shop' had wrongly gave me short sleeve. Senang citer, die salah bagi baju lengan pendek kat ana untuk bawa balik. Aneh. Isk3...

Susah betul mikir ayat english. Anyway, i'm trying to do so. Please don't laugh. Okay.
Continue, then I had to wear my old uniform.. Isk. Takde rezeki pkai baju baru. T_T.

I arrived kerteh and visit the ikram's program here. It was karnival kesihatan pekan kerteh for a meanwhile, then about 11.00 morning, we continue our journey to KT. This time, I grabbed this chance to prepare the last.

Arriving Kuala Terengganu at about 1.00 tengadau, my father and I went to a masjid in front of SESMA, SM Sains Sultan Mahmud as it was the time to pray jumaah.

(*ADS : Dah tengok lom video Raef - It's Jumuah kat youtube ? Best Tau.)

After praying, We had our lunch at the nearest warung and arrived MRSM KT punctually at 2.30 pm, 30 minutes before the interview was started. I don't have any ideas about how the interview conducted, as many of us had read information in previous year post of mara's candidates shown that MARA's interview were held individually. I did believed in Google's said. That seed.

When I arrived at the registrar, they asked me to sit first, erkk. The briefing was started. Am I late ? I asked another person. He just beam to me. Okkk. Fine.

MRSM Kuala Terengganu

After registeration, we were given number tag based on our position during the queu just now.
As example, I was in panel 4 and I was the third during the queu, so my tag number was D3. My friend behind me got D4.

After were given for some talk again, we move to our interview room. My group's interview session was in MRSM's computer lab. Full with i-macs. Wow.

We sat around a rectangular shaped table. On a comfort chairs.
They started to greet us with salam and a few briefings. Are you ready ? Nervous ? Just relaxed.. She said to us. Firstly, I think it was the individual interview session, unfortunately, it was the grouping interview session. Hmm.

They gave us a problem written in a piece of paper. I read the whole essay-like problem in that laminated pink paper . Err. I still don't understand, what it is all about. Hmmmm. My gasp was so long. Even I can't open my mouth yet in order to undrstand the case. Everyone seemed so good in speaking. Giving opinions is just a piece of cake for them.

*There are 4 boys altogether, most of them are from Kelantan. I'm the only boy from Terengganu who applying for Medic Ireland. Really ? Not Sure. Hmm.

I read repeatedly, again and again. Ohh. Pasal nihh ke, my monologue heard.
It was about economics issue, err. Not related at all to my dreamt career, Doctor. Haha.

In the group, we have divided to few small groups as our group provides four boys and four girls. 
One group consist of two boys as the student representative, another four girls as the management of the university, and my friend from kelantan and I as the professor representative, the hardest representative when I have no other choice to be made.

We have to discuss the ways to overcome the economics downturn of the university. So, as the head of each group, we have to discuss and find the best solutions to overcome this issue, how to cut the expenditure of the university, by retrench senior professor ? Or by sue students who make Vandalism ? Or another Choice ?.

All discussions must be conducted in English please.. Err. Really2 don't have any ideas. Herrghh. After being quite for the first 5 minutes, I decided to open my mouth. Wahha.

As I was the professor, I decided to retrench nearest 'pencen' professor and we are willing to do multitask. Haha. It was the best solution anyway.. My best quote was, it's okay to sacrifice during this downturn for the sake of students.Haha. Really tolerant professor. What an honor job.

After about 40 minutes we discussed, one of us had presented the solutions that we agreed together. It just about 7 minutes presentation.

Then, the panel asked us one by one with variety related questions. it was my turned to be asked. Waaa.

D3 (My tag number), Can you tell us the purpose of this discussion ? , this sudden death question make me gasp for a while, my brain hardly digest the panel's question, even I became confused with the meaning of purpose.. Hmm. Alhamdulillah, I answered shortly and sharply. Hehe. Yelah tu..

After being asked for another reveral questions, the panel asked us, Do you have any un-related question to ask ? This time, just ssk anything although you already knew the asnwer. Haha. Like, when we can know our results ? Or did mara also sponsors person who passed the interview but failed to score in their IB ? Simply to said,.just ask anything. Ready for the last part. Hhaha.

I felt really relieved after the interview. It's okay if we don't get the sponsorship as long as we have done our best. :-)

Hope and Pray for best, but be prepared wih the worst.
That seed. Alhamdulillah. Thanks .

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